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Lupus Research Update: 2014 Volume 4

Volume 4, 2014 | In This Issue

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Celebrating 15 Years of Groundbreaking Progress in Lupus Research >
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In the past 15 years, the Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR) has dramatically changed so much about lupus research. From finding the first genes linked to lupus — to pioneering work in B cells that led to the first new lupus drug in 50 years — the ALR has made many groundbreaking discoveries.

Improving the lives of those affected by lupus through medical research continued to be our ambition in 2014, and this year was filled with many successes:

  • Toward this goal, the ALR awarded almost $7 million to 12 new promising investigations through our Target Identification in Lupus (TIL) program.

  • Among the many ALR-funded scientists who charted new ground in 2014, Chandra Mohan, MD, PhD, at the University of Houston and Syamal Datta, MD, at Northwestern University are noteworthy for revealing unprecedented details about the disease. Dr. Mohan's team is developing a plant–derived lupus therapy that doesn't have a long list of side effects and risks. Meanwhile, Dr. Datta has successfully tested a nontoxic therapy to suppress lupus — bringing us closer to the development of a vaccine-like therapy.

  • Individuals from across the country joined together to make Walk with Us to Cure Lupus — our signature grassroots fundraiser — a tour de force. Thousands of walkers, virtual walkers, volunteers, and sponsors in 17 cities have raised over $28 million to date for lupus research.

  • In collaboration with the Lupus Research Institute (LRI) we embarked on "repurposing" — a promising exploration of therapies already approved by the FDA for other medical conditions to see if they can successfully treat lupus. As a result of this project, ALR and LRI have recently launched the Lupus Clinical Investigators Network (LuCIN). LuCIN is comprised of over 50 academic lupus centers representing all geographic regions of the U.S. and will conduct clinical trials as part of this new drug repositioning program.

  • The National Institutes of Health — in recognition of the ALR's critical role in lupus research — invited us to partner in a new consortium called Accelerating Medicine Partnerships (AMP). Composed of biopharmaceutical companies, nonprofit organizations, and academic communities, AMP has committed $230 million to speed new paths to treatment for lupus and autoimmune diseases. We are proud that some of ALR's funded researchers were chosen to lead this new initiative.

  • We awarded the Lupus Insight Prize of $200,000 — in collaboration with the Lupus Foundation of America and the Lupus Research Institute — to Bruce Richardson, MD, PhD, of the University of Michigan for his extraordinary contribution to lupus science.

2014 superbly caps the ALR's 15th Anniversary. We continued to gain ground in better understanding the disease and in finding new treatments. Our ultimate goal: To bring relief to the 1.5 million Americans living with lupus and their families.

1.5 million

people in the U.S. have Lupus.

172 million

dollars committed to lupus research by the Lupus Research Alliance.

We're walking across the United States to raise awareness and funds for lupus research.


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