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Lupus Research Update: 2013 Volume 3

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Exploring Drugs Already in Existence

A new therapy for lupus just may turn out to be an older drug with a history of efficacy and safety.

This is why the ALR is exploring — with help from Scientific Advisory Board Member, Peter E. Lipsky — an interesting new concept. He and a select group of ALR-funded scientists are examining the benefits of “repurposing” drugs that have already received approval from the FDA to treat other diseases.

Finding older drugs to treat lupus has the potential for many extraordinary benefits. Chief among them is the reduced time frame a therapy will take to go from lab to patient bedside. Developing a new drug can take a painstakingly long time to be deemed safe.

Another advantage of repurposing may include a decrease in cost — in contrast, approval of a new drug may take more than a decade at a cost of millions of dollars. But the biggest benefit could be the increase in success rates among patients.

“The therapeutic agents we may be looking at have already gone through a rigorous approval process. They have been tested in clinical trials and have proven to be effective and safe. The prospect of quickly finding a new treatment is very exciting,” said ALR President Kenneth M. Farber.

For more insights into drug repurposing, please see the cover story of this issue of Lupus Research Update.

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