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Lupus Research Update: 2011 Volume 6

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New Technology Offers New Hope

Scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of DNA and gene function are enabling researchers to pinpoint their investigations and to speed up the process of scientific inquiry. Simultaneously, exciting new possibilities for genetics are emerging from the burgeoning field of biomedical technology.

Today, ImmunoChip — using the most up-to-date information about DNA — is the latest tool that geneticists can use to study autoimmune diseases like lupus (SLE), identifying the actual causal genetic differences, and how they affect immune function.

ImmunoChip is an array of specified biological compounds in micro-sized spots. Because of its miniature size and automated manufacture, ImmunoChip can be used to easily study the DNA of very large numbers of people.

ImmunoChip will allow scientists in the field of lupus research to test 250,000 genetic markers in SLE cases. Its comprehensive design will give the scientific community the opportunity to examine multiple ethnicities and to determine the increased likelihood of individuals developing SLE when someone in their family has the disease.

“ALR-funded research led to the first known genetic markers for lupus, so we know research is key to finding a cure,” said Kenneth M. Farber, ALR President. “At this critical juncture, we are encouraged by innovations like ImmunoChip and look forward to the ways this technology will help advance the important work that is being executed by ALR-funded scientists across the globe.”

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