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Lupus Research Update: 2009 Volume 3

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Shoe News

A Doctor Who is Also a Lupus Patient

Melanie Manary, MD, wife of ALR Board Member, Dr. Charles Huebner, has been an internist for 19 years and for nearly that entire time she has battled lupus.

Melanie was first diagnosed with lupus when she was a young mother to two boys under the age of five and every day she counts her blessings.

As a doctor, Melanie is especially aware of her good fortune. She knows all too well that the risks that pregnancy poses are real for both mother and child — and that about 10% of pregnant women with lupus have miscarriages. Melanie Manary

But raising two boys a year apart in age, being a full-time physician, and having lupus was overwhelming, and Melanie often battled fatigue. At that time, she and her husband had to make a decision: Either they were going to give in to lupus or work with it. "We decided we weren't going to make it a tragedy and an impediment to the things we wanted to do," shared Melanie.

One of the things she and her husband wanted to accomplish was to become involved in the ALR. And now the Northern Michigan ALR Walk with Us to Cure Lupus has become a family tradition. Relatives travel to the event and their children always show their support by walking and volunteering.

1.5 million

people in the U.S. have Lupus.

172 million

dollars committed to lupus research by the Lupus Research Alliance.

We're walking across the United States to raise awareness and funds for lupus research.


Show your support by visiting the Lupus Research Alliance online store. Discover the perfect gift, or prepare for a walk with our selection of apparel and accessories.

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