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The ALR Grants List Archive is a full and comprehensive database of every grant the Alliance for Lupus Research has funded.  Here you can see where and how all of our resources are allocated.  The ALR has funded nearly $90M in lupus grants since our founding more than any other private organization.  And because our board pays all of our operating expenses, 100% of all contributions we receive goes directly to lupus research programs.

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Karin, Michael, PhD
The Regents of the University of California, San Diego, 2013
New Targets for Treatment of Glucocorticoid-resistant Lupus

Kelley, Vicki, PhD
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc., 2012
Distinguishing CSF-1 and IL-34 As Therapeutic Targets for Lupus Nephritis

Kelley, Vicki, PhD
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc., 2010
Colony Stimulating Factor 1: A TherapeuticTarget for Lupus Nephritis

King, Mary-Claire, PhD
University of Washington, 2004
Genomic Characterization of Inherited Susceptibility to Lupus

King, Mary-Claire, PhD
University of Washington, 2002
Identifying Genes for Lupus Susceptibility Using Genomic Approaches

Kiriakidou, Marianthi, MD
University of Pennsylvania, 2008
Profile and Function of B-Cell Specific MicroRNAs in a Murine SLE Model

Kirou, Kyriakos, MD
The Hospital for Special Surgery, 2006
IFN-Alpha Pathway Activation as a Biomarker of Disease Activity in SLE.

Knaus, Ulla, PhD
The Scripps Research Institute, 2007
Supramolecular Approach for Type I Interferon Inhibition in Lupus

Kotenko, Sergei, PhD
UMNDJ- New Jersey Medical School, 2009
Inhibition of Type I and Type III IFNs by Poxvirus-Encoded Soluble Proteins

Kotzin, Brian, MD
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 2001
Interferon-Inducible Genes in SLE

Kotzin, Brian, MD
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 2003
Interferon-Inducible Genes in SLE

Kovats, Susan, PhD
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 2007
Regulation of Dendritic Cells by Estrogen Receptors during Lupus Nephritis

Kretzler, Matthias, MD
University of Michigan, 2007
Gene Expression Based Molecular Classification of Lupus Nephrititis Biopsies

Langer, Jerome, PhD
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 2005
Type I Interferon Antagonists for Lupus and Autoimmunity

Laufer, Terri, MD
University of Pennsylvania, 2012
Follicular helper T cells: altered differentiation in Lupus

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