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The ALR Grants List Archive is a full and comprehensive database of every grant the Alliance for Lupus Research has funded.  Here you can see where and how all of our resources are allocated.  The ALR has funded nearly $90M in lupus grants since our founding more than any other private organization.  And because our board pays all of our operating expenses, 100% of all contributions we receive goes directly to lupus research programs.

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Erickson, Loren D., PhD
University of Virginia, 2014
Role of the BAFF receptor BCMA to control B cell homeostasis and tolerance

Feng, Di, PhD
UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, 2012
Identifying IRF5-mediated pathways in normal and SLE B cells

Fu, Shu Man, MD, PhD
University of Virginia, 2008
Identification of Genes Conferring End-Organ Resistance in Lupus Nephritis

Fu, Shu Man, MD, PhD
University of Virginia, 2011
Progressions and Biomarkers of Proliferative Lupus Nephritis

Gaffen, Sarah, PhD
SUNY University at Buffalo, 2008
IL-17RC: A Novel Target for Anti-Cytokine Therapy

Gatto, Dominique, PhD
Garvan Institute of Medical Research (Australia), 2008
Role of EBI2 in the Development of Murine Lupus

Gillespie, Emily, PhD
University of Minnesota, 2006
Comprehensive Genomic Discovery in Human SLE

Girardi, Guillermina, PhD
The Hospital for Special Surgery, 2007
Complement as a Target to Prevent APL-induced Nephropathy

Glick, Gary D., PhD
University of Michigan, 2004
A Novel Target and Compound for Treating Lupus Nephritis

Gregersen, Peter, MD
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, 2012
Functional Analysis of Csk: A Newly Defined Risk Gene for Lupus

Hahn, Bevra, MD
University of California, Los Angeles, 2006
Novel Targets for Identification and Treatment of Atherosclerosis in SLE

Hahn, Bevra, MD
University of California, Los Angeles, 2008
Novel Targets for Identification and Treatment of Atherosclerosis in SLE

Hamerman, Jessica, PhD
Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason, 2008
Regulation of TLR Responses as a Mechanism for ITGAM Association with SLE

Hardin, John, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2007
Vitamin D in Lupus

Harley, John, MD, PhD
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 2008
Genes from SLEGEN, the Lupus Genetics Consortium

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